Martin and Sons Maple Syrup Gift Pack


This gift box includes a pint of Martin and Sons Maple Syrup and a 375 ml bottle of your choice of Martin and Sons Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup. You can select Bourbon Barrel-Aged, Whiskey Barrel-Aged or Rum Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup. Show how much you care with this delicious gift!  If you would like a message included in the gift box, send an email with details to after you order.



Martin and Sons Maple Syrup Gift Pack

Pure, 100% Maple Syrup.  Martin and Sons Maple Syrup has an excellent rich flavor, the product of our dedication and commitment to quality.  This is paired with our Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, which uses the same high-quality maple syrup that is bottled to sell.  We transfer maple syrup to empty oak barrels from Wisconsin distilleries that had been used to age whiskey, bourbon, or rum.  The barrels are then stored in a cool storage room to allow the syrup to absorb the flavor from the charred barrel walls.  This process can take several months.  When ready the syrup is heated, burning off any residual alcohol, filtered, and bottled.


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Select one Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, Rum Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup


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