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Martin and Sons Maple Syrup is the highest quality that we have tasted. We had been ordering syrup from Vermont, but because of the high quality of Martin’s syrup we have switched to Martin and Sons as our source for maple syrup. Martin and Sons syrup will also be the gift that we give to our friends and family across the country. The syrup is of consistent quality and color, beautifully packaged and delivered quickly and carefully. All of the syrups are excellent, and the whiskey barrel aged syrup is unique and especially tasty on all sorts of breakfasts and desserts. We highly recommend Martin and Sons Maple Syrup, and it will be our source for syrup from now on.

Brenda in Philomath, OR

I highly recommend to all my family and friends the Martin and Sons Maple Syrup. The syrup is high-quality in taste, smell, texture and color. If you haven’t tried it, the whiskey-barrel aged maple syrup is particularly good over vanilla ice cream and my mother’s favorite dessert. My siblings and I can’t agree more that the whiskey-barrel aged syrup and the rum barrel aged syrup are now our favorites. It’s still up for debate among us which flavor is better. The kids can’t keep their hands off of the syrup and it’s hard to keep it stocked in the home. If you are contemplating buying this syrup, stop and think no more, you will not be disappointed in both quality, quantity, texture, taste and fair price.  The owners are easy to work with if you have any questions or specific quantity needs. Enjoy! Thanks Martin and Sons for your care in providing top quality maple syrup from the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Your maple syrup has already made its way to family living in the Pacific Northwest and they can’t wait to buy more.

Lisa in Madison, WI

Have you ever tasted liquid gold?  Martin and Sons Maple Syrup is just that.  The taste is perfectly sweet, and can be enjoyed with rum/whiskey barrel aged flavors.  The consistency and clarity are reliable.  I purchased gift boxes that were packaged beautifully in black artisan boxes with red or green paper shavings. The bottles of syrup were labeled nicely making for a first-rate presentation.  I like to use Martin syrup on banana or buckwheat pancakes, homemade waffles or as a healthier substitute for sugar in recipes like granola. The ordering of their syrup through the website was quite easy to navigate.  The delivery was prompt.  My family asks for Martin and Sons’ syrup by name.  I would rate their syrup 5/5.  Thank you, Martin family, for creating an exceptional product!

Julie Mandli in McFarland, WI

Martin and Sons Maple Syrup is the real deal. This syrup is top of the line with the authentic wood-fired flavor that I grew up with, rich amber in hue and impeccable clarity. We enjoyed it so much that we sent it as gifts to several friends. The ordering process was straightforward and the customer service was timely and personal. All of the syrup arrived quickly and in very attractive gift packaging. Excellent maple syrup is difficult to find, but this gets 5 stars!

Chelsea in Coram, MT

In contrast to our high tech fast paced world, this 4 generation small family operation is a real gem. Quality is not just a word with the Martins; it’s who they are. For taste, consistency, clarity, and color, this syrup is absolutely the best. Goes great on waffles but a “knockout” over vanilla ice cream!

If you’re looking for outstanding customer service and a pure Wisconsin maple syrup, look no further. As it’s beautifully displayed and labeled, it makes for a very unique gift.

Highly recommended…..5 Stars

Bill McEwen in Duck River, TN

True confession – I just recently became addicted to real maple syrup.  A friend gave me a bottle of Martin & Sons Maple Syrup and I honestly can’t go back to grocery store syrups.  Living in Nebraska, I simply was not introduced to premium quality maple syrup till now but I am quickly making up for lost time.

There was once when I did grab a bottle of maple syrup from a grocery store by mistake – it was okay but nothing special.  Then this gift appeared and I quickly learned that not all maple syrup is the same.  This syrup just tastes so good… what else is there to say? I love that is made in small batches over a wood fire by a family who takes the time to produce a high quality product that sells direct to the consumer.  It is easy to trust them.  This is a family tradition – they love doing it and are experts at crafting maple syrup.   I feel like I am savoring the best of the northern Wisconsin woods!  At my house it not only gets used on pancakes, waffles and French toast, it gets religiously drizzled over sweet potatoes, vanilla pudding made from scratch and ice cream.  Seriously, you have not lived till you have  put one of their aged syrups over premium ice cream!  All of their products are “five star” quality.

Need a gift ?  This is the place to go – it is easy to order and the packaging and delivery are first class.  So is the look of the product!  You would expect to see it at a high-end gourmet shop.

BTW, make sure you send a gift to yourself.  You will not regret it! 

Cheryl in Nebraska

The Grade A Amber and Barrel Aged Maple Syrup from Martin and Sons has separated itself in the sweet and sugary industry.  A pure and decadent Wisconsin company, their product line is not only relegated to pancakes and waffles.  I find myself wanting to use it for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Our family received a Martin and Sons Maple Syrup gift box and couldn’t be happier with the pure gold standard quality of their product.

Ian and Kristin Schoenike in Superior, WI

I was sent two bottles of this syrup as a gift and all I can say is WOW! Martin and Sons Syrup is delicious, but also not overwhelmingly sweet (However, it is still sweet enough that my kids love it too). Will definitely be ordering again. Five stars!

Hannah in Hamilton, MT

There was a silver lining to 2020 – the discovery of Martin & Sons Maple Syrup!  We had a small Christmas brunch for immediate family which included homemade waffles. I served Martin & Sons Maple Syrup for the first time and it was a huge success! The taste was delicious and so smooth.  The color is a beautiful clear, soft amber. It is the highest quality syrup we’ve ever had. It has become a family favorite!

Our order was carefully and professionally packed and arrived promptly. I think the bottles are adorable and plan to give them as gifts. I would definitely recommend this syrup to others! After a year like we’ve just had, you deserve to treat yourself to Martin & Sons Maple Syrup. You won’t be disappointed. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I’d give it 6 stars!

Susan in Veneta, OR

My son and I love pure maple syrup, and the Martin and Sons is the best we have found. We usually eat it on pancakes and waffles, but also love it with oatmeal and in cooking.  It has a perfect level of sweetness and is thicker than other pure maple syrups.  Thankfully they now sell larger bottles.

Brad in Hyrum, UT

We received the Martin and Sons Maple Syrup Sampler as a wedding gift and were delighted by the surprise. The packaging and bottles are beautifully designed. The smell and taste and color overloaded our senses; that perfect amber hue of sugary goodness brought us back to the forests of northern Wisconsin. At the rate we are going through this syrup, we will have to put in another order for ourselves soon. We very much recommend Martin and Sons Maple Syrup to give as a gift, or better yet, for yourself!

Pete and Rose in Tuscon, AZ

Our family has enjoyed this delightful syrup produced from Wisconsin forests for many years!  As you can imagine, there are many “hands on” opportunities to help with this labor of love and I greatly appreciate the work that goes into producing this syrup!  Of course the syrup we all enjoy on every pancake includes a number of critical steps for the production of truly fine syrup. Without a question, the Martin family is rigorous in ensuring that the sap that is gathered from the trees, then reduced in volume to concentrate the sugars and then immediately boiled into syrup usually occurs in a 24 hour period. The Martins pay very close attention to having a “clean” operation ensuring that the sap they cook is fresh and crystal clear.  Every part of the operation is focused on maintaining quality sap, thereby producing quality syrup!  With every step in the process – from the lines to the tanks to the evaporator in the sugar shack to the oak barrels or bottles, everything is focused on cleanliness with a pursuit toward excellent quality!  Indeed, our experiences and appreciation for the production of quality maple syrup only enhances the sweetness!

Darrell and Mary Zastrow in Sun Prairie, WI
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