Karl and Karen have been cooking maple syrup together for over 25 years, and our boys have participated in the process since they were toddlers.  We strive to produce the highest quality maple syrup and refuse to compromise the quality of our syrup for any reason.   We only cook sap from our trees to ensure quality at every step of the process from tapping, collecting, cooking, and bottling.

Our family has a strong land ethic and connection to nature that shapes our approach to cooking maple syrup.  We manage the woods, ensuring a diversity of trees, plants, and wildlife across the landscape that supports a healthy ecosystem.  In addition to our maple trees we have oak, pine, spruce, balsam, aspen, hemlock, and basswood trees with bear, deer, wolves, coyotes, squirrels, and 100’s of other species inhabiting our sugarbush.  Our woods are surrounded by a ½ mile buffer that eliminates any outside influences like roads or chemicals.  All our sap is cooked on site.

The combination of Karen’s doctoral work in molecular and cellular biology combined with Karl’s doctoral work in forestry and wildlife provides a unique combination of backgrounds resulting in a high quality sugarbush and a high quality (and tasty) food product!

Cooking maple syrup in the sugar shack.
Martin and Sons Sugar Shack